What is ActivInspire?

ActivInspire is a software that is similar to SMART Notebook. ActivInspire is made for Promethean boards while SMART Notebook is made for SMARTBoards. Everyday Math developed a partnership with ActivInspire, leading to the creation all of their interactive whiteboard files in ActivInspire. This software is needed to run the files in the new EDM e-suite.


Please follow the steps in this document to load the software correctly:

You will find these ActivInspire lessons in the Everyday Math esuite under "epresentations."

Other tidbits:

  • Yes, you will need to follow the above instructions every time you load Activinspire. Brooke checked with Promethean to see if there is any way around this, and there isn't.
  • Promethean has its own database for interactive whiteboard activities. SMART has the Smart Exchange, Promethean has Promethean Planet. Feel free to use these lessons on your SMARTBoard!
  • Want to learn more about ActivInspire? Atomic Learning has tutorials for this product. Click here to go to the ActivInspire collection. Login with your methacton email address and password.