Above and Beyond - Peter Reynolds

Storymaker - Create and print your own stories! Hosted by Carnegie Library. NOTE - Once you finish your story, you cannot go back and edit. Click here to enter your magic number if you want to print out a previous story.

Storybird - Collaborative storytelling

Kerpoof - Make a picture! Make a movie!

Storyjumper - Create your own story in 7 simple steps! (Click here for examples)

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elab1 - password
elab2 - tohofy
elab3 - diquek
elab4 - wugted
elab5 - ancagy
elab6 - iotnir
elab7 - tadita
elab8 - ceesed
elab9 - ajdeed
elab10 - vuevyi


Class id: 239-9560

Usernames: elab1-10 (like above)

Password: eagleville